Santorini White Wine…. Simply Breathtaking


Wine in Greece has always been a special and intimate topic. Could it be any different in a country where traditions of winemaking are more than 4000 years old? There should beSantorini-White-Wines something about Greek wine… Greece has finally emerged from the Dark Ages and produces many excellent wines. No wonder such an acclaimed publications as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast pay so much attention to Greek wine nowadays. Leading the way is the improving quality of Greek wines, mostly notably the whites from the island of Santorini.

Sunny-SantoriniWe all have heard something about the beautiful island of Santorini. For some it is one of the most romantic places, for others it is a place of historical significance… But there is something else that makes this mythical Mediterranean island truly unique – its wine! Did you know that the only underground wine museum in the world is located in Santorini?! It occupies a natural cave and is eight meters below ground, 300 meters long and has a labyrinth-like shape. The Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum presents the history of wine and the life of vine-growers in Santorini since the 1600s.

Wine-Cave-SantoriniLocated in the heart of Mediterranean Santorini has a very unique microclimate.  When the ancient island city of Atlantis fell into the sea thousands of years ago unique lava of the remaining portions of the island was left in the soil. Rocky mountains, volcanic ash, essential minerals, pieces of lava and sand, warm temperatures during the summer and cooler sea breezes bring a special mineral flavor to the wines, creating wines with a naturally low pH level and high acidity.

Santorini Wine TourThe beauty and passion of the island is captured in their coveted Assyrtiko grape. Today you have a great opportunity to taste as part of our Greek Flight the most famous white varietal from Santorini – the island’s darling Assyrtiko!

No matter what you are willing to explore on this magical island you willSantorini-Wine-Harvest find brilliant and delicious wine to help you relax in the Mediterranean sun and explore new secrets of life! And so the journey begins…

Enjoy the below varietals as part of a special Greek White Wine flight at Mezes Wine Bar today!


Winemaker Paris Sigalas creates a beautiful assyrtiko with organically farmed grapes grown right on the ancient island.  Intensely aromatic, this creamy white brings forward rust, lava, fresh pears, green apples and pumice stone.  With an excellent structure, balanced acidity and long finish this wine will bring you from Chestnut St right back to Santorini.  Order this wine with seafood and embark on a Greek island journey.


Malagousia is a delicate wine that is made from a unique varietal that was brought back from near extinction by the efforts of Vangelis Gerovasiliou.   With aromas and flavors of matured pears, mangos, and lemon zest, this wine will please even the most discerning wine drinkers.  The Northern Greek mountains offer have unique and beautiful seasons with snowy winters, green flowery springs and warm beautiful summers.  The unique beauty and flavors of this region truly shine through this wine.  Enjoy it with seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables and salads.

Gaia 14-18 Agiorgitiko Rose

Giannis Paraskevopoulos harvests the Agiorgitiko grapes from the upland vineyards of Asprokambos of Nemea, at an altitude of 800m. They are gathered, crushed and kept in chilled tanks for 14 to 18 hours at 10οC. The wine must stay in contact with its grape skins in order to develop its superb rosé colour and characteristic aroma.  A particularly attractive deep rosé color, a fruity aroma with strong hints of cherry and gooseberry, typical of Agiorgitiko, and light, refreshing flavours characterize the wine.