How to throw a surprise party at a restaurant



We all have special people in our lives, and throwing a surprise party for them is something that shows that we care about their special day or life event. Here are the steps you might want to follow to organize an unforgettable party that everyone will love.

  1. Put together a potential guest list. This will give you a heads up on what venue to choose.
  2. Find the spot. The restaurant you know and like best would be a good choice since you know the cooking and the staff. You don’t want any “surprises” when planning a party.
  3. Discuss food options with the restaurant. Many venues offer special pre-set menus for large parties. You might also get a good deal. Try to still give your guests 2-3 options when choosing appetizers and main course. A fish, a meat, and a vegetarian dish would provide variety and ensure that each guest will find what he/she likes.
  4. Send out invitations. Make sure to let your guests know that this is a SURPRISE, so they won’t mention anything about it to your special someone. Set their arrival time to ensure the whole crowd is there when the special guest arrives.
  5. Order wine or see if the restaurant allows guests bringing their own alcohol, and don’t forget to check their corkage fee. Ordering or bringing both white and red wines would be a smart choice.
  6. Order cake if needed (ask if the restaurant will cooperate with you on this). Don’t forget your candles! Some restaurants will still require ordering their desserts if you want to bring your own cake. Make sure you know their policy!
  7. Set the scene. Arrive earlier to decorate, and discuss final details with the staff. Ask a guest or two to help out if needed.
  8. Ask your special guest out on a date, and mention that you made a dinner reservation. Arrive 15-30 minutes later than your guests were asked to be there.
  9. Watch his or her face (have someone shoot it) when everyone yells “Surprise” upon your arrival!
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