Traditional Greek Eggplant by Chef Nikos


Stuffed-Eggplant1One of our favorite dishes that can be proudly called healthy yet comforting is Melitzana Imam (Greek Stuffed Eggplant). Eggplant is one of the most used vegetables in Greece, and the main ingredient of many traditional dishes.

Melitzana Imam is a very old recipe. It originally comes from Turkey, but was perfected here in Greece. It’s flavorful, fulfilling, and healthy. It’s a combination of  tomatoes, onions, peppers, feta cheese, herbs, and spices, and olive oil, all in one. For his creations chef Nikos uses only proven local organic eggplants and tomatoes. The tomatoes are always perfectly ripe, sweet, and juicy. For a flawless finish, Chef Nikos sprinkles the dish with fresh herbs from Jacobs Farms.

Melitzana Imam is a great sharing option as well as the main course.

Jessica M, a long-time SF Marina resident, says, “Whenever I feel like juicy yet healthy comfort food option for dinner, I just place a Melitzana order through Mezes app, and my dinner is ready.  It stays hot long enough for me to bring it home, change into pajamas, choose a movie – and I’m ready to enjoy my night”.

*The eggplants come from Full Belly Farm , and are 100% organic.
Supporting local farmers is one of the important concepts here at Mezes.

Al-in-all, Melitzana Imam is a great dish for eggplant lovers, vegetarians, and health-conscious people alike. It is with by all means comfort food at its best.

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