Your Easter meal just got upgraded! This classic deviled egg recipe just got revisited with a spicy twist (#mezessf #mezessfhtipiti)

This recipe is a very fun variation of the traditional Deviled eggs recipe. We will substitute the traditional Mayo and spices creamy mix with our delicious Htipiti dip ( Feta and Fire-roasted red bell peppers dip), fresh chive, fresh parsley, chili powder and paprika. This recipe is for every 12 full eggs.

Prep time: 20 min
This recipe is for every 12 full eggs.
12 eggs
1 MEZESsf Htipiti spread (8 oz container)
1 fresh living chives plant
1 bouquet of Italian parsley
Chili Powder, paprika

Eggs preparation:
1. Boil water in a large pot and add your eggs. Turn down the gas for low boil for about 12 min.
2. Then rinse the eggs in cold water and let them cool off.
3. Once completely cold, peel off eggs carefully and try to keep the white surface as smooth as possible.
4. Slice the eggs in ½ (clean your knife between each slicing to avoid smudging yolk on white surface of eggs).
5. Pop out each yolk and add into a separate mixing bowl.

Filling preparation:
1. Take the yolks and add 1 cup of MEZESsf Htipiti spread (1 8oz container).
Use a food processor or hand mash into puree your filling until smooth depending on preference (I, personally, do it by hand for a more textured filling).
2. Chop the fresh chives and add them to the mix along with Chili Powder.
3. Option is to add anchovies or capers to the mashed filling to bring on more of a zingy taste.
4. Fill up the empty ½ whites using a tea spoon.
5. Garnish the eggs with the classic dusting of paprika and fresh parsley. Or use a couple of capers to bring back a tarty twist.


You can find our Htipiti dip at your local grocery store or order online with Good Eggs at https://producer/ ($20 CR for first time buyer)